About Us

Red Roll Off Containers

As a Christian owned business, we want to make sure every dumpster rental & junk drop-off customer and employee feels valued and appreciated.  We work hard to build relationships with our customer base and try to meet every need.  We are grateful to have this opportunity to serve the metro Atlanta area with our business to the glory of God.

Our Core Values


We believe that when we do our work with excellence, both the customer and our brand have more value.  No one likes when work is done sub par, so we cultivate a mindset in our employees that doing all our work with excellence will bring more satisfied customers, which will in turn give us the opportunity to serve more in the future.

Personal Customer Service

We are in the people business, we just happen to be hauling trash.  We will do everything we can to listen to the needs of our customers and make sure they have a very personalized experience, no matter how large we get as a company.


We see this business as a stewardship, given to us by God.  Therefore, we will build this company with the mindset of stewarding this opportunity well, especially in aspects of giving to those in need.

Valuing People

We value people over profits, both our customers and our employees.  Our greatest assets are our employees and customers and we will never forget that, no matter how large we get.  

Non Profits We Support

Because of our growing customer base and employees hard work, we are able to partner with these organizations who do great non-profit work in the US and around the world. Thanks for being a part of making this possible. Click on each logo to go to their website and learn more about them:

cafe 1040
campus crusades
global frontier missions
global fellowship
peace of thread
decatur city church
southside church