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Dumpster Rental - Three Things to Do and Three Things to Avoid

Dumpster rentals are so popular that, sometimes, it seems that it’s simple as getting one and parking it in the driveway or a convenient empty space. As the experienced professionals point out, there are important things to know and things to consider when it comes to a dumpster rental in Conyers, GA.

While most residential dumpster renters opt for the driveway, it is important to consider reasons for the best dumpster location. There should have solid surface underneath, and its location should be a spot where there is easy access to all sides, avoiding the common mistake overfilling on just one side, making the entire dumpster less stable, especially when it is hauled away.

Although most dumpster rentals in Conyers, GA are well-maintained and safe, dumpster experts caution about being aware of what the dumpster business calls “pinch points.” Anywhere that the dumpster lid meets the dumpster sides and walls. Around the hinges and outside metal arms or rollers can also be pinch points, where hands, arms, and feet can get accidentally pinched or squished.

Experts with dumpster rentals in Conyers, GA realize, and warn about, people getting carried away about the easy convenience of having a rented dumpster. They urge being careful when throwing debris into the dumpster. They also suggest caution health hazards. About potentially dangerous sudden movements of the back, the arms of the legs when hoisting things into the air, over the head and into the dumpster. They suggest using the buddy system to get debris into the dumpster, and properly bending the knees when lifting heavy things.

Getting carried away is understandable when loading-up a dumpster. Overfilling a dumpster is a problem, in a couple of ways.

Most dumpster rentals in Conyers, GA charge overage fees when customers over-fill dumpsters or fill them with debris that goes way over the rental weight limits. The fees cover the extra costs like extra landfill disposal fees or the cost of a second dumpster when the original rental is so overfilled that it cannot be hauled away, legally or safely. Never fill a dumpster past the designated and marked fill line.

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