Types of Dumpsters - Have an Idea before You Rent

When it comes to demolition, renovations, landscaping and other big projects, you’ll often need a dumpster to help get rid of what you don’t need. Too often, people don’t think about what they need from a dumpster, instead they just get the cheapest one without realizing that they have options, especially if they are looking for a dumpster rental in Locust Grove, GA.

Today, we wanted to walk through the types and sizes of dumpsters available in the area. We’ll look at which ones are best for which kinds of jobs so you can get the perfect dumpster rental in Locust Grove, GA for your next project.

The Two Types of Dumpsters

Broadly, there are two types of dumpsters: hook lift and roll off. Hook lift dumpsters use an arm mounted on the truck to hook under a bar on the dumpster. It can then gently lift and place the dumpster on the ground.

Roll off dumpsters are just what they sound like: a dumpster with wheels that can be rolled off the bed of a truck using a cable and winch system. Roll off dumpsters offer a number of advantages over their hook lift cousins. First, because they are rolled off the truck bed, they can come in a wider availability of sizes, which is especially handy for larger jobs that require a dumpster that’s bigger than 20 feet. Second, because they are rolled off instead of lifted, the dumpsters can be placed in more places. In general, hook lift dumpsters will need solid, even ground to be placed safely. Roll offs can instead be placed on other surfaces and still picked up or dropped off easily.

At Red Roll off Containers, we offer a wide range of roll off dumpsters that are easy to use, convenient, and our team can drop off and pick up according to your needs.

Consider Size over Type

As mentioned, roll off containers and dumpsters are preferred by most people and businesses because they’re more flexible and can come in larger sizes. For that reason, it might be handy to think about size instead of type.

Here at Red Roll off Containers, we have four sizes to choose from: 15 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd and 40 yd.

15 yd roll off dumpsters are perfect for small-scale jobs like kitchen remodeling or cleaning out a garage.

a 20 yd dumpster has about the same capacity as six pickup trucks, making it perfect for medium-sized projects like taking off roof shingles, replacing the floors of your home or a lot of large pieces of furniture.

30 yd dumpsters are for bigger jobs, like taking out full-grown trees, and remodeling entire homes or commercial projects.

Finally, 40 yd dumpsters are ideal for commercial jobs almost exclusively, including large-scale demolition work and multi-family construction projects.

Your choice for dumpster rental in Locust Grove, GA

Are you in need of a quality dumpster? Then be sure to contact Red Roll off Containers. We offer several roll off dumpsters to meet your needs, whether you’re renovating, demolishing or simply getting rid of a large amount of stuff. Contact us today to learn more about how we can easily get you a dumpster rental in Locust Grove, GA. We also offer many related services to make the job easier, from demolition to compacters and more.

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